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Outsourcing Accounting Jobs to Save Time and Money

Author : Bill Gerber
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An in-house bookkeeper or accountant has a number of duties to be performed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Outsourcing accounting jobs can save your company time and money throughout the year, but even greater cost savings are realized at year-end. makes sure all your company’s financial records for the fiscal year are in order, and ready to be submitted to your financial tax accountant for tax preparation. Our accounting software systems through QuickBooks & QuickBooks Enterprise makes it easy to share data and financial reports with your tax accountant virtually.

This means there’s very little risk of identity theft or fraud. Records are transmitted virtually to your tax accountant who can then submit electronically to the IRS. Your taxes will be filed on time and securely. No worries about having sensitive company data going through the Post Office.

Additionally, filing your taxes will take less time, since all your data and financial reports are already in order. You might even save money if your tax accountant charges hourly rates. Your full-charge bookkeeper and controller will work with other finance professionals as needed to provide you with: 

  • Compiled financial statements
  • Reviewed financial statements
  • Audited financial statements ( cannot complete an audit for you)

You might even consider having an CPA complete tax preparation for you. Why not trust the same company you’ve trusted all year round when it comes to year-end tax filings?

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