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Financial Accounting Software: Choosing the Best Accounting System for Your Business

Author : Bill Gerber
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There are many accounting systems out there, and they vary in their capabilities, ease-of-use, scalability and security.

Peachtree, MYOB and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions are just a few of the most popular software packages out there. Of these, Intuit QuickBooks is the top selling financial accounting software available.

Of the three accounting systems, QuickBooks gets more positive user reviews than the other two systems. At the review website, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions was given 5 stars, versus 3 for PeachTree. Enterprise Solutions’ little brother, QuickBooks Pro, also earned higher ratings than either PeachTree or MYOB at independent review websites.

So, what can Enterprise solutions do that the other financial accounting software can’t?

Scalability - QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions provides a license for up to 30 users, and permits you to view financial records from multiple companies within one organization without logging out and logging back in.

Ease-of-Use - Enterprise Solutions works just like other versions of QuickBooks, the most popular accounting software. All bookkeepers are certified in QuickBooks and will provide you with the training you want to generate reports, view financial statements, and do anything else you want to do in order to remain in control of your business. Outsourcing bookkeeping won’t take financial control of your company away from you. It will give you better control because you’ll have accurate, up-to-date financial records so you can assess your company’s financial state and future possibilities.

Security - Your QuickBooks files are hosted securely, in the cloud, using state-of-the-art SSL encryption. Our servers reside in an SAS 70 II facility for maximum security.

We want you to make the best choice in accounting software for your company. Call us for a free consultation and price quote and let our software specialist help you evaluate the accounting systems that may be right for your business.

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