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Establishing Accounting Processes: Works With You

Author : Bill Gerber
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When your full-scale bookkeeper from signs on to manage and maintain your books, you will work with her to establish accounting processes. While our accounting processes are based on years of experience and standardized for best practices and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, we also leave plenty of room for customization.

For instance, one of the important elements we will discuss as we establish accounting processes for your business is accounts payable procedures. It’s important to use that you always maintain full control over your company’s funds.

This reduces the chance of theft and ensures that our clients still feel as if they have financial control of their own company — which they do.

Receiving Invoices
When you receive a paper invoice from a vendor, scan it in through the scanner we provide to our clients at no cost, and then email it to your bookkeeper. If you receive an emailed invoice, simply forward it to your full-charge bookkeeper.

You can also have invoices mailed or emailed directly to us for processing.

Paying Invoices
On a schedule that you establish with your bookkeeper, your bookkeeper emails you a report of open vendor invoices. Indicate which ones you want paid, and email the report back.

Your bookkeeper will set up the checks in QuickBooks, where you can access and print them from your office. Alternatively, your bookkeeper can create PDFs of the checks and email them to you, eliminating your need to enter QuickBooks and generate the checks.

Reduce Theft with “Nearly Paperless” Accounting Processes
In either case, checks are printed, signed, and mailed from your local office, so you always know what is going out. It doesn’t get any easier than this, yet you maintain control of your checks. Best of all, because each check is printed as needed, with the relevant payee information, you won’t have a drawer full of blank checks sitting around, which can be tempting for employees prone to fraud or company theft.

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