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Financial Reports: Information How You Want It

Author : Bill Gerber
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QuickBooks is a great accounting solution for professional bookkeepers, and the software of choice at Its flexibility to produce a variety of financial reports quickly and easily, wide range of products, and ease of use makes it a good fit for businesses in all industries of all sizes.

But when you’re viewing financial reports, sometimes you prefer them in an easy-to-read spreadsheet format like Microsoft Excel or its open-source counterpart, Open Office Calc. In addition, you may need to create these documents to email to financial advisors, other C-level executives in your firm, investment firms, VCs, banks or even your tax accountant.

QuickBooks 2011 supports Excel and it’s easy to transfer files into an Excel spreadsheet by following the prompts on your QuickBooks screen. It’s good knowledge to have in case you want to generate financial reports after hours.

To do so, simply:

  1. Click on the Report Center button, and choose the report you want to generate.
  2. When the report appears, make any necessary changes, and then click “Export” on the tool bar above the report.” Follow the prompts to create a new Excel workbook and click the Export button.
  3. Once your report is in Excel, you can modify it, save it, and even use a built-in feature to display the financial report data in a graph.

If you prefer your financial reports generated monthly in Excel spreadsheets, your full-charge bookkeeper from is happy to create these reports for you. It’s just one more way offers you expanded freedom to run your business from anywhere, at any time.

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