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Access Your Bookkeeping Software from Anywhere

Author : Bill Gerber
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QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and makes it easy to use bookkeeping software “in-the-cloud.” One of the benefits of Software as a Service is the ability to view important data stored in your accounting software systems anywhere you are—whether you’re at home, in the office, on the road, or at the local coffee house. But should you?

Information transmitted over a secured network, from your home or office and to’s secure, remote server storage facility, is SSL-encrypted and just as safe as banking online.

But when you use a computer that’s not on a secured network connection, you’re opening yourself up to the potential of theft of your accounting records, invoices, EIN number and a host of sensitive company data. Follow these tips to keep your accounting software systems secured.

  1. Never sign in and access your accounting software systems on a public network, such as an airport or local coffee house.
  2. If you’ve downloaded files to your laptop or netbook and intend to work off-line in a public place, make sure you have a security screen so that no one can look over your shoulder and view your records.
  3. Never leave your computer, netbook, or phone unattended in a public place. This will protect it from keyloggers and other types of hacking that can put the data on your computer at risk.

We take every measure we can to protect your financial data here at Wise computer use in public places will ensure that it is secure 24/7.

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