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Online Business Service Possibilities that Save Money

Author : Bill Gerber
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The conventional office place is quickly disappearing, giving way to virtual solutions for everything from answering services to office management, and even virtual accounting.

Here are just three ways you can save money with online business services.

Customer Relations Management Online
When you move your customer relations software to Software-as-a-Service solutions, you can save money on hard drive storage, expensive computer upgrades, and IT staff. You and your staff can also have 24/7 access to important records.

Virtual Assistant Services
A virtual assistant can take the place of your office manager and book trips, handle correspondence, and schedule meetings for you. Some VAs specialize in social media and can update and maintain your corporate blog, Twitter account and Facebook fan pages. Some VAs pride themselves on being able to “do it all” and often claim to be able to provide virtual accounting services for your business.

Be skeptical of a “do-it-all” VA. Just because someone has used QuickBooks before does not mean they are a QuickBooks-certified bookkeeper who is well-versed in GAAP accounting procedures and all that virtual accounting entails.

A VA can make a perfectly good office administrator and perhaps perform other tasks for your business—but leave the bookkeeping to a virtual accounting firm.

Virtual Accounting
You guessed it. One great way to save money and get peace of mind that your financial records are in good hands is to hire a virtual accounting firm. This online business service helps you reduce costs, re-purpose space that previously housed your full-time accounting department, and also provides all the other benefits of Software-as-a-Service online business solutions.

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