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The Question of Growth: How to Assure Capable Accounting Support

Author : Bill Gerber
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One of the biggest concerns that small businesses have about seeking out third party accounting solutions is the question of growth. When you hire an accountant or bookkeeper to work in your office on a daily basis, you’re pretty much assured that regardless of the direction your company takes, that individual will be capable of performing their job. But when you move to a daily accounting software system, do you necessarily have those same assurances?

The answer’s not as cut and dry as you might think, and depends entirely on the kind of daily accounting software that you use. As you might imagine, free software accounting solutions are worth about what you pay for them—but even if you find one that works well for you now, you’ve got to take into consideration what’ll happen a couple of years down the line when you’ve outgrown it and are forced to convert to something more complex.

These kinds of conversions can be painful, especially for companies that are in the midst of a growth spurt and don’t have the necessary time to commit to a transition in accounting systems. If you have reason to suspect—or to hope—that your company will experience significant growth in the future, consider outsourcing your daily accounting needs to a third party service. Doing so will not only eliminate the need to employ a bookkeeper, but will also guarantee that you’ll have a capable and qualified remote team of accountants to handle your accounting needs, no matter what size your company grows to be.

Through, all communications with your designated accounting team are conducted by email, instant message, or phone and all daily transactions are submitted using daily accounting software that you’ll only have to learn how to use once. Visit for more information.

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