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Should Your Bookkeeper be a Technophile?

Bookkeeper be a TechnophileFor some business owners, the task of finding good bookkeeping services to handle their daily business needs can be on a par with finding the holy grail. It’s a never-ending quest that rarely results in complete satisfaction. The big problem always seems to be finding a bookkeeper that’s got loads of skill and is also adaptable to change. In particular, technological change. But do all bookkeepers for small businesses have to be technophiles?

The answer is no, but it wouldn’t exactly hurt matters, either. These days, the business of bookkeeping has become highly automated. Gone are the days—and some might even say good riddance—of manual “paper” accounting entries. And a bookkeeper that has yet to embrace the 21st century's rise of automated bookkeeping software programs isn’t someone that many business owners will want to keep on their payroll for long. Yet, even the biggest technophiles run into challenges maintaining their technical skills and staying on the cutting edge without support for training and development from their employers.

By seeking out third party bookkeeper services, business owners can once and for all break away from arcane methods of old and embrace fully virtual, 100 percent automated accounting practices. And do so without the burden of maintaining the technical knowledge and training that managing these automations and integrations require. Plus, the rise of cloud-based accounting technology has made available far more options in both software and workplace structures. 

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