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Tips on Working From Home by Virtual Employees


Our employees are used to working from home and navigating the challenges that come with it, from needy children to barking dogs and technological difficulties. Join us in the fun as we give our top tips on working from home in today's world.

As steps to contain COVID-19 sweep through our communities, one of the most challenging aspects of changing workplace situations is children who are now home from school. Our workforce is 100% remote with over 16 years of experience managing and building awesome remote teams and want to share some of our top tips. 

Tip #1: Always Have Snacks Ready

You never know when the snack monster will rear it's ugly head, so make sure you have snacks on hand and ready to go (or throw). 

Tip #2: Learn to Entertain Yourself

This is a great skill for times in and out of quarantine. But typically if you can harness this skill -- you can get through anything.

Tip #3: Privacy Screens Are (sort-of) Helpful

Ah...the privacy screen. It's a physical divider between you and your mountain of dirty laundry (or is that just us?). They are the on-camera-meetings best friend, but like all best friends they aren't perfect! They can fall and be stormed from intruders easily.

Tip #4: Know Your Surroundings (and hide the toilet paper!)

One common cringe-worthy moment that we can all relate to is jumping on a call that an attendee's webcam is hot and they are completely unaware. Don't be that person. When you are sitting on a webcam meeting be sure to know your surrounding and close your bathroom door!

Tip #5: Make Sure Your Virtual Background Works

It may be one of the top technological breakthroughs for virtual meetings, but virtual backgrounds can be a fickle beast. Be sure to have a good green screen (or fitted sheet) on hand to boost your virtual background success.

Tip #6: Become a Mute Button Expert

Dogs! Oh the dogs! There's nothing more fun than being on a call with your team and an unsuspecting delivery man dare come near the door.  Queue the mute button! It's quick, effective and arguably the best modern phone feature - just make sure you know where it's hiding.

Tip #7: When All Else Fails, Laugh!

We are all adjusting to our collective new normal navigating a health pandemic and economic uncertainties. It's important that we remember we are all in this together and can laugh with the growing pains.

Whether you or your teams are new or long-time pros in the world of remote working, we hope you enjoy our staff showing off their top tips for successfully working from home. If you'd like to see more of our teams in action meet our accounting teams below.

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