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The "Ah Ha" Moment | Client Experience

One of the most often heard remarks is how our clients wish they’d known sooner that their accounting doesn’t have to live behind the scenes. They reflect on all the years that their part-time bookkeeper, CPA, best friend, spouse, etc. worked on the books separate from the rest of the business. Invoices were sent and received, payroll was managed, even employee expenses were seemingly status quo. Why would anyone doubt that it was operating the way it should be?

And then came a moment. A pivotal moment where suddenly something shifted. For some, it was a negative experience—finding out the books weren’t right, someone had dropped the ball, sometimes even as significant as theft. For others, it was growing to a point where suddenly information was missing. Cash flow forecasts were impossible to generate. Or owners were grasping for information that should be in a dashboard, if they only had one. Ultimately, the reporting and analysis required more than just a clean balance sheet. It needed insight—and the ability to look forward, not just behind.

Discovering accounting that isn’t relegated to stay behind the scenes is a game changer. Today we’re exploring one of the “Ah-Ha” moments our client experienced when they joined us.

One thing our clients often wish they'd known sooner is that accounting doesn't always have to live behind the scenes. What is one thing you wish you'd known sooner running your business?

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