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Supporting Government Contractors with Detailed Reports


Meet our client Jeff Unger, Founder and Managing Partner of Stratitia Inc. Stratitia is a professional services and management consulting firm out of Virginia serving our nation and it's military.  We are here to support our clients in times of uncertainty and beyond.

We partner with a third party expert to ensure preparedness for DCAA audits, complete transitions from other accounting platforms (primarily Deltek and PROCAS) to QuickBooks platforms and verify suitability of QuickBooks use for all contractors. One of the most common requests from our new government contractor clients is helping setup a DCAA compliant accounting system with QuickBooks.

Whether you are looking for a way to avoid more costly accounting platforms, need help setting up DCAA compliant accounting for your first contracts or simply need a bookkeeping team that can scale with your needs, is ready to help.

But don't just take our work for it! Check out Jeff's testimonial and other's on our testimonial page.

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