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The Oracles | Secrets for Building a Successful Business While Living a Life You Love


As seen in Business Insider: Gary Vaynerchuk, Dennis Najjar and 7 other executives reveal their secrets for building a successful business while living a life you love.

Have you ever wondered how Gary Vaynerchuk,  Dennis Najjar and other successful business leaders and advisors stay motivated in their professional endeavors, while maintaining a rewarding personal life? Well wonder no longer! The Oracles are a group of top entrepreneurs and CEOs ready to share their experiences and expertise with you.

Excerpt from Dennis Najjar, CPA, Co-Founder of

Our accounting firm was built on the idea that businesses should focus on their core competency and seek outside experts for everything else. We apply this internally, too. I only hire people who are better than me. I'm not an HR or marketing guru, so I found people who are. My team doesn't look to me for answers — they come to me with boatloads of them. By putting the right people in the right places, I can focus on doing what I love because I know the business is moving forward.

— Dennis Najjar, cofounder of, a virtual accounting service for small businesses; connect with Dennis on LinkedIn

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