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Scaling Technology As Your Business Grows

Choosing a business application is important for new businesses and businesses that are moving away from pen & paper processes. However, a major aspect to consider when selecting a cloud-based technology solution for your business is how the application can grow as your business gets bigger.

Most business applications have tiers in which you can utilize the system and grow as needed. These tiers identify usage parameters within the account, like monthly transaction volumes, number of users, file storage limits, and concurrent processing.

As your business grows, neglecting to have an application that can keep up can negatively impact business efficiency and the service you provide to your customers. Bottlenecks caused by lacking the right tech and software can introduce additional business risk and lost profits. Below we listed some of the areas that businesses often outgrow within their system's service parameters during periods of growth:

Monthly Transaction Line Volume

If your business has high selling seasons or is generally experiencing fast overall growth, periods of high transaction volume can strain the responsiveness of your business systems and cause potential delays with order processing and revenue recognition. 

If the systems a business is using cannot handle the order throughput, not only will you run into delays on the back-end, but customers may experience slowness on their end with outside facing delays and errors.

Utilizing a monthly transaction lines report gives you visibility to see when those transaction limits are getting close and potentially putting the business at risk. With reports like this, a business can see how often they are nearing or surpassing their transaction limits and make the adjustments with their business application.

Number of Users

Similar to the transaction line volume mentioned above, knowing the number of users that need to regularly interact with a company's business software is important when it comes to running the system efficiently. 

A business that needs more users than their system allows for will very quickly experience significant delays navigating the system, loading pages, running reports and it will lead to inconsistent usability and other delays. That might sound like common sense, but knowing the number of users is paramount to running a system efficiently, and having a system that allows for the addition of individual users as the company grows is key.

Concurrency Limits

If your business often tries to route too many concurrent web services processes at the same time, you may experience issues with your current system service levels. Setting up too many operations can take its toll on system performance as they typically are layered upon one another. Service levels usually dictate the maximum concurrency amounts, which governs the rate at which an account can process other operations, like importing and exporting data. 

Without a higher concurrency limit, operations become delayed across the entire business' system which in turn leads to lower productivity and efficiency. No company likes working with a business software application that is laggy and delayed. It makes every process that much more frustrating. Having a system that is equipped to run checks on things like page load time, processing monitoring, and other similar metrics can allow a business to see areas that are causing lags.

Growing NetSuite With Your Business

By utilizing a system like NetSuite, business owners have options when it comes to the different service tiers that they can choose from to meet the growing demands of their business. NetSuite service tiers deliver the additional level of resources needed to maximize business productivity by defining key service characteristics, like those mentioned above.

With NetSuite, businesses can utilize an extensive reporting dashboard in their service tiers workbook to provide dynamic views into the data that will help ensure that you’re running at optimal levels and that you know when it’s time for a change.

Rightsizing to the appropriate service level can be easily overlooked, especially in a rapidly growing business. If you proactively upgrade your service level, you can process more monthly transactions and concurrent integrations, as well as handle more users and file storage. This helps you avoid system bottlenecking during peak periods, maintain a consistent user experience within NetSuite, and reduce system delays.

To learn more about NetSuite, how it can assist a business, and how can tie it all together, reach out today!

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