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Omnichannel NetSuite Integrations Reshape Veteran Businesses

Veteran businesses that have been around for years before high-level technology was commonplace could often find themselves juggling between multiple systems. These systems may have been adopted over the years to help make operations run smoother and simplify some manual processes within the company - or create more.

Piecemeal Solutions Cause Integration Issues

Companies that utilize various systems for eCommerce, inventory, accounting, point of sale, taxes, and more are often connected in one way or another. Manual connectivity that requires exporting data from one system and importing it into another system is a labor-intensive manual process that allows room for errors to be made.

Connecting systems together using a custom-written code could cause issues and delays if there are updates to any systems that cause a break in the code. This requires the assistance of a specialized developer that could repair the integration, resulting in downtime and incurred expenses.

Turning To An Omnichannel System

Moving to NetSuite from an outdated on-premises ERP system and handling finances, inventory management, and reporting is the first step in leaving behind the lack of efficiency, errors, incurred costs, and other struggles.

NetSuite's capabilities to integrate with other systems, without the need for custom codes, create an endless possibility for adding features to the system. It creates a plug-and-play situation utilizing the cloud. No more hardware installed software solutions to rely on.

The Benefits Are Clear

With unified financials and inventory, businesses can view profitability and other key metrics to determine how to best allocate inventory among different channels. It can help boost the bottom line, and highlight areas that need attention.

Having a technology solution that meets the requirements of a business - plus some - takes away the trials and tribulations of managing an outdated hardware system. 

On top of that, being able to build out a system specific to the needs of a business, while utilizing plug-and-play capabilities will set the business up for unlimited growth and the tools to be successful.

Make The Switch & Let ADC Help

If making the switch to NetSuite is something that interests you, reach out to today because pairing NetSuite with fully outsourced accounting could be just the jumpstart your company needs. Our full-charge client accounting services are here to help!

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