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Keep Vendors Happily Paid with Tipalti

Growth comes for businesses sometimes when least expected and it could easily catch them off guard and unprepared when the company still has manual processes in place.

Handwriting checks to pay vendors and manual inputs into accounting software to reconcile accounts happens more often within businesses than one may think. It's a labor-intensive process that turns into a very time-consuming process for many.

Additionally, the process by which W9s are collected by accounting departments can also be streamlined with more advanced software to ensure accuracy and that they are actually received. You'd be surprised how many W9s will slip through the cracks when manual processes are in place, but vendors still have to be paid in a timely manner to maintain good relationships.

This is where Tipalti's scalable account payables (AP) solutions, integrated within NetSuite, step in to help. Tipalti's vendor onboarding, invoice processing, and vendor payment capabilities keep everything within a central hub to streamline these processes for businesses. With this, businesses can easily access vendor contact info, billing details, and tax identification - all once a vendor is initially onboarded.


Tipalti "future-proofs" business' AP processes, along with creating strong supplier payment strategies and operations. With these processes in place, vendor W9s are collected electronically before payments are issued and Tipalti handles all of the tax forms.

Modernizing Accounts Payables operations with Tipalti allows for an instant reconciliation process and shows accounting teams the status of their payments with ease.

Businesses can expand vendor relations all while maintaining the same headcount. Vendors like Tipalti because it gets them paid on time and allows them to track when their payments are coming in. It is dependable software that helps business scale for the future.

When you enlist the help of's client accounting servicesyou have the flexibility of choosing from among many different accounting technology applications, Tipalti being one of them. Our employees are highly skilled in the offered applications and our dedicated technology integrations team is responsible for reviewing updates and new additions to the market on a regular basis.

Reach out to today to learn more about how our client accounting services, paired with Tipalti's NetSuite integrations, can help you and your business.

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