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Insights from the AICPA Engage 2021 Conference

Cathy Becker, CPA, Senior Controller and Project Manager here at, joined up with the Jirav team last week at AICPA's Engage 2021 event in Las Vegas, NV. Last fall, the team discovered Jirav to assist with our budgeting and forecasting needs. As part of our implementation preparation in January of 2021, we discovered that Jirav also offers an in-depth dashboard and reporting, which we elected to use for ALL of our ADC clients.

The Jirav dashboard now comes with every ADC client agreement and has proven itself to be a very powerful tool. We implemented Jirav to over 200 clients in January and all new clients from that point forward have been added to the platform. 

Cathy has assisted Jirav in the past with an online webinar that promoted the conversion of all ADC clients to the new platform. In turn, it has shifted our discussions with clients from a historical, close-the-books focus to an advisory focus with key performance indicators (KPI) and custom reporting. For the clients that have elected to upgrade to budgeting and forecasting with Jirav, it allows us to accomplish more from a planning standpoint, compared to what we could do using a software like Excel. Clients are simply loving it!

At AICPA Engage 2021, Cathy presented with Martin Zych, CEO of Jirav, for the Financial Forecasting: Add Value, Save Time and Delight Clients session. This session provided attendees with real-life experiences between the ADC team and our clients that are using Jirav. Utilizing the Jirav platform saves time, creates the ability to use a variety of assumptions and drivers, projection KPI's, trends, and more. Attendees of the session presented many good questions and we realized that many people face the same challenges when it comes to their need for budgeting and forecasting. The real-life stories presented showed attendees that they too can benefit from the advantages of the Jirav platform to help scale their business. Most attendees of the session still use Excel for their budgeting and planning, but as we've seen with our own clients, having something more advanced easily supersedes such dated and basic tech.

Empowering business owners with a comprehensive dashboard platform ensures 100% visibility into their financial information. ADC clients benefit from the deep insights and analysis provided by Jirav’s budgeting and forecasting tools. Thank you to the Jirav team for having us out to AICPA Engage 2021 and if you would like more information on how the Jirav platform can help you, click the link below.

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