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Dennis Najjar Joins LORMAN Faculty to Offer Educational Accounting Webinar to Professionals and Executives is proud to announce that co-founder Dennis Najjar, CPA, CGMA has joined LORMAN as a faculty member to provide a credit-bearing educational webinar to help professionals and executives gain better control over their accounts payable processes. "Top 5 Tips to Reduce Payment Errors and Improve Processes in Your Accounts Payable" will be conducted live on August 10, 2017 at 1pm ET and will arm attendees with everything they need to ensure success in their AP. 

Takeaways include:

  • The ability to explain how to properly implement accounting technology and establish workflows for accounts payable processes.
  • The ability to identify key signs of issues in accounts payable processes and be able to implement procedures to rectify them.
  • The ability to recognize issues and potential problems in AP through clear reports.
  • The ability to review your accounts payable processes with your team and identify areas for improvement and adjustment.

The three-part agenda will conquer a comprehensive study of the topic:

How to Spot a Faulty or Inefficient AP Process 

  • Absent Accounting Technology
  • Lack of Workflow
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Timing, Delays, and Accuracy of Financial Reports
The Costs of Avoiding the AP Issues 
  • Fraud
  • Cash Flow
  • Vendor Relations
5 Steps: How to Reduce Payment Errors and Improve Processes 
  • Implement Accounting Technology
  • Establish Processes and Guidelines
  • Documentation
  • Vendor Statement Reconciliation
  • Create Accountability - Establish Review and Report Schedule

Finally, we are able to offer our clients, associates and subscribers a 50% discount off the webinar fee. For this access code, please email and we will send you it right away.




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