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Budgeting Tips Utilizing KPIs


A corporate CEO can invest hundreds of hours into tweaking the yearly budget, but the vicissitudes of business can make that budget obsolete in a matter of months. While budgeting can be an important exercise to factor in planned purchases, new hires, and replacing outdated technology, one can only do so much as far as predicting future expenditures. Budgets can change faster than they can be planned for, but are still a necessary process for business management. A budget is required to reach financial objectives for the present, rather than months down the line, and is still an accurate gauge of the funds required to tackle a task in project management. If you can coordinate your budget objectives with measurable KPI activities, business managers can be in better control of their budget plans. Outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services can provide guidance on the best software for KPI management.

Create an action plan that has measurable objectives

Action plans contain a detailed cost breakdown for a project. They describe specific steps required for a business to meet a specific objective. Action plans and budgets are effective methods to manage a new endeavor, but usually aren’t broken down into what part each member of the organization may play in a project, nor a specific time frame. In order to create an action plan with measurable objectives, the action plan needs to be sectioned into activities, and it’s these activities that lead to a process for measurement. Key performance indicators or KPIs are the numeric values that are assigned to measure objectives. They may be based on percentages, value points, or another system that the accountant requires.

Identify key activities

Each department must decide what role they play in the action plan and what are the key activities that drive that department forward. Based on these activities, they must create their own set of KPIs for measurement. These metrics will enable each department to allow for monitoring, managing and providing for improvement.

Create performance metrics

Based upon the needs of a business, certain metrics may be measured, such as task completion, time frame, and quantity. Each department within a business must identify measurable activities that move the company forward. Accounting services may wish to assign a numeric value to each objective, in order to monitor its effectiveness. These numerical values, or KPIs, are what helps a CEO to manage and monitor the budget. From here, the figures can be passed on to the bookkeeper or outsourced bookkeeping service so they can prepare the necessary budget spreadsheets.

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