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BILL Balance is the New Way to Pay

BILL has rolled out BILL balance, a new way to pay vendors! 

Businesses can now benefit from lightning-fast next-day ePayment speed with no surprise delays or additional fees. With BILL balance, you can store money and pay your vendors overnight all within the BILL software.

For instance, if you schedule an ePayment to a vendor before 4 pm Pacific Time (PT) / 7 pm Eastern Time (ET) and use funds from your balance, BILL will deposit the payment the very next business day instead of 2 business days (or more depending on the amount). 

The BILL Balance Basics

Once BILL balance is activated, users will be able to deposit funds into their BILL account via wire or ACH transfer. From there, users have the ability to pay bills using their BILL balance, with no additional fees. Vendors typically receive their funds within 1 business day, so there is no worry that vendors aren't getting paid.




Why use BILL balance?

Pay bills faster. With BILL balance, you have the flexibility to pay any amount you need to, as long as the funds are available in your account. No more worrying about limitations or constraints on your finances when it comes to paying your vendors.

Payment delivered as soon as the next business day. With lightning-fast overnight ACH payment speed and no surprise delays, you can rest assured knowing exactly when your vendors will receive payment. No unexpected fees, just seamless transactions with BILL balance.

No additional fees. By using BILL balance, you can enjoy next-day payment delivery without any additional fees associated with overnight ACH transactions. balance pay from - single bill

BILL Balance Integrations

BILL balance syncs with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, NetSute, and Sage Intacct. That way there is no need for manual entries and data can instantly transfer into BILL to make paying with your BILL balance even easier!

To learn more about BILL balance and how BILL can help your business, reach out to the team at Our outsourced client accounting services are here to help you and your business's financials thrive!

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