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TSheets Guest Post: How to Motivate Your Employees to be Awesome

tsheets guest postToday's Accounting Education Series is from our friend and partner, TSheets. You've probably heard us talk about TSheets before--we think they're an awesome company innovating and disrupting the time tracking industry. Seriously, who couldn't love a company whose tagline is "We Love Employees"? That just about sums up how much TSheets cares about its customers--and we're proud to work with them.

Today they've been kind enough to contribute a piece on a topic near and dear to their hearts--How to Motivate Your Employees to Be Awesome. Because awesome employees equal awesome companies--and any small business owner can tell you that awesome employees mean the difference between banner years and lackluster performances. But enough of us talking--without further ado, our friends at TSheets have some advice for you!

How to Motivate Your Employees to be Awesome!


We recently blogged about how TSheets helps employees track time and awesomeness. For real. Why should that matter to your business? A recent article in Forbes, sheds some light on why it’s important (for your business) to motivate your employees to achieve a.k.a be awesome.

At TSheets we track some important data for your business that impacts your bottom line, your future profitability, and time saved or conversely wasted at work. Pretty much all numbers (number crunchers eat your heart out!).

What about the employees behind those numbers? While everyone has unique motivations (a combination of personality, personal interests, maturity, etc.) one way to ultimately motivate your employees is by giving them an opportunity to have an impact at work.

In our recent blog about tracking time and awesomeness, we cover several ways TSheets benefits your employees; one in particular, letting them know their work counts.

When your employees successfully track their time in TSheets, as an employer, you see just how many hours of sweat and tears they are investing in your business, towards a project, an achievement, a long-term client, etc.

Since you have the data: acknowledge them, empower them, encourage them. And when it comes to planning for future projects, use the data to have realistic expectations and set achievable goals for your employees.

As a leader, have the conversation with your employees; find out if they are satisfied in their work and what their goals are. Be specific in how you will help them achieve their goals and create an opportunity for them to achieve and have a long term impact on your business (and ultimately their career).

Delve deeper with the remaining eight of the 9 Things That Ultimately Motivate Employees to Achieve, highlighted in the Forbes article, and share our blog post, TSheets is Helping Employees Track Their Time…and Their Awesomeness with your employees to let them know consistently tracking time with TSheets positively impacts their career (and their paycheck).

Need help figuring out how to fit TSheets into your overall accounting systems and processes? We can help connect you--and get your accounting in order. Schedule a free consultation to review your accounting today.

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