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How Does Time Tracking Software Impact Employee Morale?

time tracking technologyTime-tracking software increases productivity, decreases issues with tardiness or ducking out early, and helps the company accurately access employees’ performance reviews. But many companies fear that using time-tracking software will make employees feel as though Big Brother is watching, therefore hampering morale. How can time-tracking software be used to improve employee morale rather than deteriorate it?

Time Tracking Software Motivates Employees

Time-tracking software, such as TSheets or Method CRM, actually has numerous benefits when it comes to motivating employees and improving morale. It creates an atmosphere of equality, virtually eliminating any real or perceived favoritism. When managers are allowing some employees to fudge their time while others are required to be punctual and stay until quitting time, morale naturally declines. Time-tracking software makes work hours fair and equitable for all the employees.

Time Tracking Software Helps Protect Employers

Time-tracking software doesn’t just keep the employees from cheating on their hours; it also holds the company responsible for paying what the employees earn. It eliminates employers failing to comply with overtime regulations, and assures that employees aren’t kept at part-time status when they’re working full-time hours. This is increasingly important as the new Affordable Care Act employer mandate rolls out.

Time Tracking Software Enhances Productivity

Depending on the type of time-tracking software used, this software can also help identify where employees are most productive, so that workers can be fitted with the job in which they’re best suited. For example, if you find that one of your bookkeepers is extremely gifted in payroll and less productive when working billables, you can redistribute the workload in bookkeeping to better match your workers with their strongest skills. Workers are happier when their skills closely suit their job descriptions, improving employee morale as well as the productivity of the company.

How your employees respond to time tracking depends not only on how you present the benefits of the software to them, it also hinges on how strong morale around the workplace is beyond the software used to track time and productivity. When employees already feel that the company has their best interests in mind, the introduction of time-tracking software will be received as another way to fit them to the best possible positions and to pay them fairly for the time they spend and the work they produce.

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