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Keeping Your Financial Data Secure 24/7

Author : Dennis Najjar
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If you’re not familiar with the term “cloud storage” then you’re probably a little dubious about hiring remote bookkeeper services, simply because of the risk of lost financial data. Imagine what could happen to your business if, for example, the database you were using to upload all of your financial information to a bookkeeping service at a remote location were to suddenly wink out of existence. You don’t have to imagine it for long to contemplate just what a bad situation this would be. This is why it’s critical to ensure secure financial data transfer capabilities whenever doing business with third party bookkeeper services. not only provides encrypted connections for the uploading of secure financial data, but it also places emphasis on data security once the information is received. This way, there’s not a hurricane, earthquake, flood, or even a spy in the world that can touch it. Facility data servers are protected 24/7 by:

  • Round-the-clock security
  • A flood, fire, and earthquake-resistant building complete with 12-inch concrete walls even Superman would have issue getting through
  • Battery backup systems to ensure continuity of business, even during rare power outages that may last for extended periods of time
  • An insurance policy that protects you financially in the highly unlikely event of lost data
  • Coverage that will pay you damages in the equally unlikely event that an employee will take any malicious action against your company or your company financial information
  • Nightly data backup and monthly transfer of data onto tape
  • Fire-proof safe storage of tape to ensure long-term record keeping

With this in mind, now take a look at the bookkeeper services you currently have in place and ask yourself if you’d be better off continuing as you have or hiring to handle your needs. If the answer is something you have to think about, it might be time to revisit your priorities.

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