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Accounting Expansion Plans for 2021 |

As we’re already halfway through the first month of 2021, we thought it might be a good time to share our plans for the upcoming year. While some items are still to be revealed, we have a few exciting new releases for 2021 and our readers are officially the first to know!

  1. All Clients Receiving Financial Dashboards
    As we announced in December of 2020, every client is set to receive access to financial dashboards in 2021. We have spent more years than we care to count reviewing, testing and pushing the bounds of many different platforms and settled on Jirav during our last testing in the fall of 2020. We’ve been hard at work training our Controllers, setting up templates and preparing to roll out dashboards to all clients. All new clients will be automatically setup on the same dashboard platform and also have access to additional budget and forecasting services as needed.
  2. NetSuite is All Systems Go!
    After years as the leading outsourced accounting department for QuickBooks-based clients, we’ve officially expanded to include NetSuite clients. Our NetSuite team is well versed and fully credentialed with NetSuite expertise—and we’ve partnered with several top NetSuite implementers and related service providers.
  3. We’re Expanding All Departments!
    We’ve grown every single year since our founding and 2020 was no exception. As we set our sights on new horizons, our team is continuing to grow. We’re hiring additional Accounting Specialists and Controllers, expanding our Government Services and NetSuite divisions, and developing and hiring new roles in our Sales and Marketing Department. Our hundreds of current clients rely on our services and support to support their continued growth—and we rely on our expert team members to get it done.
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