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3 Best Practices to Accelerate Your Growth

Going into 2021, planning for what was to come was uncertain, but as the year progressed, many companies found themselves growing rapidly as the world got back on its feet. However, in order to succeed and continue to succeed in today's landscape, businesses should put focus on three critical best practices going into the coming year(s). 

Making the Push For Automation

Getting bogged down and backed up is probably one of the worst things that can happen for a company, in terms of productivity and efficiency. Something that can be a major driver for this is manual processes throughout the company. The faster and larger a business scales, the more bottlenecks increase as a result of manual processes.

Turning to the automated processes that ERP systems such as NetSuite offer takes a lot of the struggles and stress of manual processes off of a company. It gives owners and CEOs the opportunity to focus on their mission as a business and no longer be tied up dealing with manual processes, and the baggage that they carry.

Dig Deep into the Data

With today's technology, there is more data than ever available to CEOs and business owners. Accessing and knowing how to utilize it is what makes that data useful though. Important data lives in and outside of a standard ERP system. Here at, our clients are given access to Jirav, a fully customizable dashboard that provides metrics from many areas of a company. It is user-friendly, informative, and gives access to an unlimited amount of metrics.

Swiftly Adapt to Data Changes

The above-mentioned automation allows a company to focus on the bigger picture and the data provides insight on areas to focus on as decisions are made for the company. However, to effectively execute these actions, businesses need to adapt quickly. When changes occur in the data, the business must be ready to shift and adapt.

Over the last year, there has been a constant need to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape. Every business faced its own challenges and it drove leaders to take unique approaches to continue the growth of the business. Having the knowledge of the numbers and the automation to back it can position a company to be ready to adapt to any changes better than ever.

Utilizing an ERP system such as NetSuite allows a business to embrace a number of capabilities to meet their specific business challenges and goals. Automation, data analytics, and being prepared for quick adjustments will set a company up to be prepared for any types of changes and to stay ahead of the curve. 2021 initially brought a lot of uncertainty, but as the year shaped up, it turned into an example of why preparing to hit the ground running in 2022 is key. For more information on how can help with NetSuite implementation and all other accounting and bookkeeping needs, reach out today.

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