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124+ Pizzas and Counting!...A Behind the Scenes Look at Our Annual Pizza Party

Many years ago, when was a much smaller company, we had the idea to celebrate the end of January. Why celebrate the end of January? Well, January is a tough month for accounting departments. Every January accounting departments across the country are chasing 1099s, making sure books are prepared to close for the previous year, and of course also manage the ongoing daily bookkeeping required for January and the upcoming year. In short, January is rough—even when you’re a standardized, process-driven company with everything “under control”. So every year, on the first Friday of February, celebrates its employees’ efforts and commitment by hosting a Pizza Party for the entire company. But just as you may imagine,’s annual Pizza Party is anything but ordinary.

Extraordinary Efforts for Extraordinary People—Pizza Across the Country

Image20200207132536As an entirely virtual outsourced bookkeeping company, employees work out of their homes across the country. Which means we don’t have a traditional pizza party where everyone comes to the breakroom for lunch. Instead, our amazing HR team gets together every year to coordinate the delivery of large cheese pies to every single employee in the company. Yes, you read that right—we order a large cheese pie to be delivered to the home of each individual employee on the first Friday of February, each and every year. 

ADC Pizza Party 2020 - Stacy W BagelsIn 2017, we hit our 100-employee milestone and have been growing since. This year we’re delivering over 130 pizzas to over 130 different places. For employees without a local pizza delivery (we employ professionals across the country, some of whom live in very remote areas), we have a back up plan and send delicious, fresh New York bagels direct via overnight FedEx. They come from Prima Pizza and are always a huge hit with our employees.

No Such Thing as Too Much Pizza

Ordering 130 pizza deliveries is a lot of work. You may be wondering “at what point will there be too many pizzas and you’ll have to change your strategy”. It’s a valid question but it isn’t the right question. The real question is “will there ever be a point in time where the company will be so large that it won’t be worth it to recognize the achievement of getting through January?” and the answer to that question is simple. Our employees are the best around and they’re worth all the effort it takes to pull off our annual Pizza Party and more. 

Image20200207133102To all our team across the country, we wish you a very happy end of January, congratulate you on a job well done (as always), and hope you enjoy your pizza!

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