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Job Costing: The Nitty & The Gritty

Real World Scenarios & Practical Solutions for Implementing Job Costing Into Your Accounting

Explore real world scenarios and practical solutions for implementing job costing into your accounting. For companies with more complex accounting and reporting needs, job costing is often looked to as a source of key financial insights. However, the actualities involved in effectively tracking and analyzing transactions for job costing can trip up even the best of intentions. This webinar will first discuss how to determine whether job costing is appropriate for your company and then how to tackle the biggest challenges in implementing job costing.

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Raising the Bar: Deconstructing the P&L

Ever stared at your P&L knowing something just wasn't right? In fact, you knew there were problems but you just didn't know how to communicate the concerns to your bookkeeper? Or make corrective adjustments to your financial statements?

Well, worry no more because in this Fridays with Vistage webinar (live date November 6, 2015), co-founder Dennis M. Najjar, CPA, CGMA teaches non-accounting executives how to better analyze their P&L and communicate effectively to correct problems.

You won't leave an accountant but you will leave with an easy-to-implement shortlist of must do items to improve your P&L today.

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So You Really Think Your P&L Is Accurate? Questions Every CEO Needs To Ask About Their Financial Reports

We have seen it 100 times. Executives know their balance sheets are off--but they have no idea how to ask the right questions of their accounting team. Problems continue, financial data integrity worsens, and the issues mount.

Instead of giving away exactly how much you don't know about accounting to your staff, this Fridays with Vistage webinar (live date May 15, 2015), led by co-founder Dennis M. Najjar, CPA, CGMA, will show you every step to review and discuss with your team. Today.

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How Virtual Outsourced Accounting Services Help You Build A Better Business

If you’re a small to midsized business owner, you’re looking for ways to reduce overhead costs. Attempting this by combining different departmental tasks with fewer employees too often involves combining administrative and bookkeeping/accounting departments.

This is a downsizing strategy that sets your business up to lose out on critical financial forecasting to determine future success.

The best cost-saving solution is remaining focused on revenue-producing functions. Today, businesses just like yours are partnering up with a virtual outsourced accounting service to get the support, financial reporting, structure and security that fosters future growth.

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Retargeting for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Join Marketing Manager and Long Island HubSpot User Group Leader Andrea Boccard as she explores the many applications of retargeting in inbound marketing and SMB marketing strategy.

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