Controller Services prides themselves on using cutting edge technology to increase efficiency for their accounting services clients. One such technology is Method CRM - a customizable web application for QuickBooks that extends the capability of QuickBooks. Method CRM can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection as well as mobile devices.

Method CRM Highlights

CRM Program - do you find yourself wishing that your current CRM could do something? At its core, Method CRM is a very powerful CRM program. The major advantage is that it can be customized to fit your business needs, including non-CRM ones!

Approval Process - do you have bills that have to go through a system of approval before they should be entered into QuickBooks? The bill can be entered into Method CRM and routed to the approver for review. Once approved, the bill can sync into QuickBooks seamlessly. The approval process can be a single person or multiple people.

Time Entry System - are you having a hard time finding a time entry system that fits your needs? At, we had that very issue and are currently using a customized Method CRM time entry system that fits our business needs like a glove.

User Permissions - are you looking for a way to greatly restrict the access of your QuickBooks users? The user set-up in QuickBooks does not allow a very granular level of access. With Method CRM, your ability to limit permissions is greatly increased.

Connect With Our Method Certified Advanced Consultant

If you are a current accounting services client of and would like to learn more about Method, please contact your bookkeeper who will put you in touch with Tricia Forgrave, our Method Certified Advanced Consultant. Your business needs and goals will be reviews to determine if Method CRM is a solution for you.

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