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Virtual Accounting Videos

Watch these informative videos featuring co-founders to find answers to your biggest accounting questions. Take a look and discover the best accounting tools and bookkeeping tips to ensure the financial health of your company... from the virtual accounting experts at

Meet Our Implementation Team: The Evolution of Successful Implementation

Meet Our Accounting Team: Our Approach to Client Services Greeting Video for Genius Network 2018

Co-Founder Dennis Najjar discusses the problems CEOs face when dealing with their accounting. wins a Gold Stevie Award for Company of the Year in 2014 American Business Awards

Dennis Najjar Accepts Gold Stevie for Company of the Year

Jennifer Brown, CEO of Jennifer Brown Consulting, discusses her experience with

Joshua Blumenfeld discusses how hiring a virtual accounting service helps your business.

Chris Kramer, Founding Partner of House of Kaizen discusses his experience with

Chad Pytel discusses how became a part of his Thoughtbot Playbook.

How Virtual Accounting Services Help A Small Business Co-Founder Bill Gerber Describes Building Online Accounting And Bookkeeping Services

Director of Client Services Kris Merritt discusses outsourced accounting services.

Hear from HR Manager Lisa Archetti about what its like to be a virtual employee

Introduction to AccountingDepartment

Getting Started with Virtual Accounting

Controller Services

The Role of a Controller at Service Level Agreement (SLA) - Bill Gerber

Weekly Bookkeeping Open Item List -

Importance of Locking the Books

Client Procedures Manual (CPM) Set Up Process Start Up Process

Real World Scenarios & Practical Solutions for Implementing Job Costing Into Your Accounting

Raising the Bar: Deconstructing the P&L

Questions Every CEO Needs to Ask About Their Company Financial Statements

Getting Started with Virtual Accounting