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Celebrating 10 Years of Virtual Accounting Services

10th Anniversary LogoOn March 4, 2004, Bill Gerber and Dennis Najjar, CPA set out to do the unthinkable—make virtual, outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services attainable for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startup companies. Their plan? Connect a network of experienced, professional bookkeepers, accountants and controllers working from their homes across the country under one company, standardize processes for all aspects of daily, weekly and monthly bookkeeping and controllership, and keep everything completely online, stored on secured servers, allowing access to dashboards, financial statements, forecasts and budgets at the click of a button.

In 2004, this concept was virtually (pun only sort of intended) unheard of. SMB businesses didn’t have access to services like this—they struggled to master QuickBooks on their own or hired a local bookkeeper to work part-time on their financial books. Business owners were at the mercy of knowledge they didn’t have for information they desperately needed, and often didn’t receive. They met with their accountants once a year and hoped the information they had was correct.

Recognizing Opportunities For Virtual Accounting

Bill and Dennis recognized that it didn’t have to be like this—and that the beginnings of hosted services and online accounting would usher in a new era of opportunity for small businesses. Over the last ten years, led the charge in changing virtual accounting and bookkeeping services for SMB owners one step at a time, from connecting the latest in accounting technology to systematizing every step of bookkeeping processes and controller oversight.

We have worked with revolutionary new tools and apps in the marketplace at every step of the way, earned certifications and designations in the most important and critical accounting and bookkeeping platforms, and grown from a mere idea to a 60+ person strong company spread across the United States. Our employees pass rigorous tests, maintain regular training and educational workshops, and uphold the strictest standards of excellence in their everyday work. And they do it happily—because Bill and Dennis also figured out that combining outsourced accounting with the opportunity to work virtually means attracting and keeping a staff of the best, most talented professionals available.

Excellence In Accounting and In Life

In the past ten years has enabled professionals to maintain work/life balances, supporting its entirely full-time, W-2 staff in both their professional advancement and excellence as well as in their day-to-day personal lives. isn’t simply the next generation solution for accounting and bookkeeping services—it is a family, welcoming staff, affiliates and clients as beloved members.

Ten years of ongoing change and evolution helped grow to the successful accounting and bookkeeping company it is today, March 4, 2014. While we can’t say for certain what new technologies will come about, or how we will adapt to employ them, we can be certain that we look forward to the continued development of both our company, the accounting technology industry and our “family” for many more years to come.

Happy Anniversary!

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