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30, May

9 Ways to Optimize Your Financial Department Interface

Author : Kris Merritt
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Information technology innovations have brought sweeping changes to contemporary accounting practices. The electronic data interchange (EDI) has arguably been among the most impactful. Implementation of the EDI brought transformative change to the modern accounting department productivity standards and work modes. The EDI's user interface (UI) enables the EDI's public use, defines the functions of its role in its particular user environment, and is the determinate of its extent of practical usefulness.

11, May

Profits vs. Profitability: Why You Need to Track Profit Margins

You don’t need an MBA to know there are two basic ways to increase your profits: increase revenues or reduce costs..

1, May

The Iron Clad Argument for Using Time Tracking for Salaried Employees


Asking employees to report how much time they are spending on each project can significantly increase.

25, April

4 Accounting Tasks You Should Do Each Week

Strong bookkeeping and financial accounting records are essential for the success of any business, big or small..

21, March

3 Reasons to Use Time Tracking Even if You Charge a Flat Rate

Your company always uses flat rates for client projects. You don't want to deal with the hassle of time tracking,.
14, March

How To Lock Your Books In 3 Steps With Controller Services

“Locking the books” is a term that’s used to describe one of the most critical controls that’s put in place when.

23, February

What is VC and is it Right for Your Business?

Venture capital is funding you acquire by selling some of your equity in your company. This option is attractive to.

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