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Growing to 100 employees is not a small feat for any business—but it is exceptionally notable for service-based businesses. We're proud to have team members who have been with us since (nearly) day 1. Employees who have already celebrated their 13 year work anniversaries in our 14 year history.
And we're equally proud of everyone who has joined since then. Meet them!


Growing A Virtual Team—How We Did It

We didn't transition a traditional office structure into a virtual workforce. We built it, virtual brick by virtual brick.  We embraced new options as they presented themselves and kept one key premise in mind: They needed to replicate or improve upon the classic "in person" office environment.


Some of the tools and tactics included:


  • Leveraging Video Platforms for All Communication.
    In Use Today: Zoom!
  • Utilizing Comprehensive Project Management Tools.
    In Use Today: Teamwork!
  • Creating Chat Rooms for Information Sharing, Informal Communication, etc.
    In Use Today: ZoomChat!
  • Encouraging Personal Connections and Company Culture. 
    In Use Today: Facebook Private Groups, ESPN College/Pro Football Apps, Stridekick, GroupMe, and more!
Behind the Scenes—100% Virtual Company

Wondering what it is like to work 100% virtually? Everyone does. Get behind the scenes with some highlights from our company!


  • Annual Pizza Party! (yes, we deliver pizzas to every single employee's house!)
  • Healthy Competitions! Show us your Christmas Trees, carved pumpkins, your fantasy football team and even the steps you tracked today. If we can create a group activity around it, you can believe we'll find a way to compete on it.
  • Common Ground! Here you can find hobbies galore--and make new friends who share your interests. From Recipe Clubs to fitness challenges, our employees have friends that share interests. We even started a group to discuss the return of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. (Nope, not kidding!)
  • Celebrations! If you're planning on joining us as an employee or a client, get ready to be celebrated. From hiring anniversaries to birthdays to moving into a new home and more, we love a good reason to celebrate the ones we love!
  • Work / Life Balance! Most companies talk about it--but we are proud to support all different types of employees who have unique needs that we are happy to support. From carving out time to attend a child's play to finding time to pursue training for your next marathon, we support the whole employee--each and every one.

supporting our health & wellness - cardioaccountants

  • Our #ADCMilesChallenge inspires employees to complete virtual walk/run/bike/swim challenges of distances up to 350 miles over the summer and during holidays!
  • Summer 2018 - 62 employees  "Raced to the Directors" dividing up into teams on a cross-country run to our directors home states
  • Summer 2017 - 52 employees "Escaped to the Cape" conquering Cape Cod
  • Halloween 2016 - We strolled Salem together as we trick-or-treated in our local neighborhoods
  • Summer 2016 - 61 employees trekked the Colorado Trail together (virtually)!
  • Summer 2015 - 100 miles, swim/run/bike/walk - however preferred!
  • Summer 2014 - 30+ employees walked 150 miles between Memorial Day and Labor Day
Run. Bike. Swim. Walk. GO!

We encourage our employees to pursue their biggest health and fitness challenges. From friendly internal competitions (virtually) to cheering each other as we cross the finish line, ADC employees have done everything from run half marathons to complete Avon Walks for Breast Cancer!miles-challenge.jpg

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